Workshops & Classes

IMPROVE EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE – Winter 2018.  Awareness Through Movement® class series.

IMPROVE EVERY STEP YOU TAKE – Awareness Through Movement® walking workshop.

REDISCOVER YOUTHFUL MOVEMENT – Fall 2015 Awareness Through Movement® class series.

FELDENKRAIS® FOR YOGA – Shining New Light on an Ancient Practice

BREATH WORKOUT – Learn the INs and OUTs of breathing well.

SITTING IN COMFORT – Experience movements that will contribute to your ability to sit with ease.

PLANTING SEEDS OF CHANGE – Workshops for gardeners

HOLDING YOUR BABY INSIDE & OUT – Workshops for parents, caregivers, or anyone who holds babies for prolonged periods of time.


YOGA & BEYOND WORKSHOPS (designed to enlighten your practice):


TOTAL BODY SINGING – Improving movement leads to freer, more beautiful vocal production.

THORASIC PARK – For Pilates and Gyrotonic® Instructors.


TAKE A BREAK FROM BACK PAIN – New ways to address back pain with slow, gentle movement exercises.

MOVEMENT PUZZLES – Movement lessons to expand your thinking capabilities and creativity.

IT’S A BALANCING ACT – Avoid or recover from serious or minor falls.

WHAT’S GRAVITY GOT TO DO WITH IT? – Discover how it feels to walk more freely.