“When I began mentoring with Ellen I was an experienced practitioner, but I wasn’t a teacher. I was confident in my hands-on abilities, but I didn’t truly understand what made a lesson a lesson. My work with Ellen was transformational. I began as a skilled body worker, and effortlessly grew into a confident Feldenkrais practitioner. I know what questions to ask and I have concrete strategies for meeting my client’s needs. Mentoring with Ellen is an investment in yourself that you can’t afford not to make.
–Bridget Quebodeaux, Guild Certified Feldenkrais  Practitionercm,  Los Angeles.

“Ellen is a fantastic mentor. With each session I learned a new lesson structure and was able to take it home with me and use it with my clients.”
–Betsy Ingalls, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, Santa Barbara.

“Mentoring with Ellen during and after my Feldenkrais training was extremely helpful. Ellen is a wonderful teacher. She is patient and supportive and has the ability to clarify complex concepts and make them understandable. I came out of each meeting feeling that I had gained a better understanding of our complex method, and I learned things that I could immediately put to use.”
— Irene Bowers, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitionercm, Los Angeles.

Do you wish you had a Personal Feldenkrais Coach?

Let me assist you on your path toward becoming a more confident and successful teacher.

I will work with you in a number of ways, guiding you through various programs. Whether individually or in small groups, the atmosphere is always caring and supportive.

Current Programs:


Supervised study group culminating in public ATM class series


Available to mentees by phone or email

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Ellen began teaching ATM in 1994 and has been practicing steadily since graduation in 1996. In an effort to deepen her understanding of the method, during the past twenty-two years she has taken advanced trainings and worked with senior practitioners in small supervision groups .  Having completed thousands of hours of formal advanced course work, including Larry Goldfarb’s 3 year “Mentoring Mentors”  training, and Jeff Haller’s IOPS Academy, Ellen has been mentoring and coaching since 2002 and continues to provide this avenue for learning to practitioners at all levels.