Functional Integration® Sessions

“Ellen’s work changed my life. After a serious knee injury, her work—even after one session—connected up the dots for me. My whole body had been making compensations and her quiet, thoughtful, caring work brought me dramatic change. Her work can affect you at every level of your being.”
— Tandy Beal, Dancer/Choreographer/Director


Functional Integration® sessions are a one-to-one, hands on, approach designed to meet your individual needs. The sessions relate to a desire, intention, or functional activity. Learning, change and improvement are achieved through non-invasive skilled manipulation, passive movement and conversation so as to improve functional motor patterns. The aim is to assist the individual to become better aware of habitual neuromuscular patterns and develop options for new and improved ways of moving with increased sensitivity and efficiency.

Functional Integration is performed most often while the client, who is fully clothed, is lying on a table designed specifically for this work. At times it is done while sitting or standing to assist in the transference of learned information into daily life.